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Our story

Our story

Social entrepreneurship & the future

In addition to offering consumers a responsible and tasty product, we believe it is important to be better for the environment, people-oriented and economically sensible. We have managed to find this balance well within SOMA Bakery. Where we can, we contribute to a better world.

At SOMA Bakery, you can see corporate social responsibility in the production of our bread and in the workplace.

Sustainable & social entrepreneurship

We will never just throw away any leftover ingredients, dough leftovers, or loaves of bread that just do not meet our quality requirements. All packets of bread that are still suitable for consumption but can no longer be sold go to the local food bank. In addition, all our bread scraps are used at a farm in the vicinity of Echt to feed the animals.

In addition to combating waste, we also find it very important to maintain local traditions, culture and sports. We support local charities such as the football club E.V.V., the Oud Limburgse Schuttersfeest, the Draaksteken in Beesel.

Social entrepreneurship & the future