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Our story

Our story

Tasteful & Healthy

Bread that makes you happy

SOMA bakery bakes a range of bread with products for everyone. When you taste our bread, you notice it immediately. We use the most delicious ingredients that bring you back to the past. Bread that makes you happy, that makes you feel good. A combination of a healthy choice and old-fashioned enjoyment.
That makes SOMA Bakery unique.

The purest ingredients

SOMA Bakery can be summarized in the following words: special, tasty, healthy, authentic, responsible & enjoy. Long before the terms "superfoods" and "clean eating" existed, we baked our bread with the best and purest ingredients. Our raw materials do not contain unnatural colors and flavors. We strive to use pure ingredients of natural origin as much as possible. We are always looking for the best quality ingredients of a constant level and, if possible, from our own soil. In certain cases, we obtain our raw materials from local suppliers. The spelled grain of our Spelled Choirs is traditionally ground in the water-powered Commandeursmolen in Mechelen, with respect for the environment, welfare and tradition.

Enjoy it, the old-fashioned way

Our bread takes you back to a time when food was still pure. Where the food was bought from the farmer or the bakery around the corner. After all, that which comes up close is the best. The older generation mentions rye bread in the same breath with pea soup, bacon, farmer's cheese or on a white sandwich. In different regions in the Netherlands there are different traditions surrounding the rye bread. All our experienced and enthusiastic bakery employees are behind the delicious taste of SOMA's bread. They are proud and committed. Our employees see opportunities to take SOMA Bakery further, think along with new plans and do their best to make a success of new work processes and formulas. You immediately notice from every loaf: this is bread from SOMA Bakery.

Tasteful & Healthy
Healthy bread for every moment

Our breads originate from a great passion. Every day we bake a range of bread with products for everyone, for every moment of the day, for every season. From breakfast to lunch and from snack to snack and pampering moments. Whether you eat it for health reasons or simply like the taste, our bread is good for every moment. In addition to a responsible eating pattern, you opt for maximum enjoyment with the breads from SOMA Bakery. We believe that a varied diet is very important. We all want to live a healthy life, but above all we want to enjoy ourselves. This is possible with our bread! Our bread contains a lot of dietary fiber that has a positive effect on heart and blood vessels, bowel movements and the functioning of the brain. In addition, our breads help to keep your weight in balance.